Top quality meets premium performance to give you optimal protection and superior comfort

From medicine to mining and catering to construction, we understand the unique needs of each industry. Our products are durable and meet rigorous international quality standards - giving you peace-of-mind that you are receiving the best protection for hands, feet and faces.

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Medical face masks and specialized dust masks

Our surgical masks are 3-ply disposable face masks; suitable for use my medical and dental professionals.

They are comfortable and easy to wear, while providing that much-needed safety barrier from harmful contaminants.

Respirator masks available include KN95, FFP2 and FFP1 masks.

Our KN95 masks provide ultimate protection from dust and small particles. These masks are ideal for use in the construction and other industrial type environments.

FFP1 are ideal dust masks for situations like home renovations. FFP2 offer higher filtration levels and are ideal for protection against viruses, use in construction and agriculture

Medical Gloves

Durable latex and nitrile gloves

Over the years, the popularity of disposable Nitrile gloves have risen to become the latex-free exam glove of choice for nurses and doctors.
Due to its resilience, nitrile gloves work very well in harsh, high-stress environments.

Bricks and Mortar
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Non-medical industries

Personal protection for every task

Our specialized gloves are designed to provide the exact protection required for each unique industry:
Chemical industries and cleaning
Construction and metal industries
Food and wine industries
Hair and beauty industries
Non-slip gloves for glass handling
Thermal heat-resistant gloves

Safety shoes

Genuine leather 

We have an exciting range of safety shoes for general purposes and medical industries. All our safety shoes are made from genuine leather (both inner's and uppers)


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